About Me: Olivia Lydia

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Hello, and welcome to Olive for Greens by me, Olivia Lydia! I am uber eager to share 2 of my passions in life- Writing and Vegetarianism. Not only am I going to share my knowledge about different vegetarian related topics but I am also going to share incredible recipes I created. I am all about food makeovers. I makeover meat dishes and unhealthy dishes. Please note that I do eat gluten but most of these recipes are gluten-free.

My Background

I am not a nutritionist or doctor of any sort. I am not a chef. I am not the healthiest person in the world. I do eat healthy every day but I allow myself to have a “cheat meal”. I slip up every now and again just remind myself I am a human. Beyond human, I am simply a Philly Girl who loves to cook! I do have a degree in writing. My passion for food drove me to create a blog that my friends, family and curious adventurers can enjoy. And I want to prove that plant based food is not boring but delicious!

My Biggest Inspiration & Motivation

Two words- Kimberly Snyder! In February 2013 I wanted to lose weight and get healthy so I joined Weight Watchers. To keep my points in order, I ate mostly fruits and vegetables (0 points unlimited). Most of my points came from carb and occasional meat. I started dropping weight and realized I was slowly, indirectly, weaning meat out of my diet. In March 2013 my cousin introduced me to Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution. I was extremely apprehensive about reading the book but finally I read it front to back and, seriously, it changed my life. I follow her guidelines as best I can. In fact, she inspired me to create my own recipes. As of May 2013, I am no longer on weight watchers because of Kim. (Click here to read my 1st year path to healthy)

Photographs & Recipes

All of the photographs of food are mine. All of the recipes have been created by me, unless noted otherwise. Feel free to share them on social networks but please reference back to me and/or Olive for Greens. Thanks and enjoy!

Take a LISTEN & Learn more about my journey. I was featured on my friend Nick’s Podcast! Nick features some interest topics. Check him out! Click below…



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace D Julius says:

    Wow great blog, Congratulations libby
    Can’t wsit to read more and try your recipes , keep up the great work ♡

    1. olg716 says:

      Thanks so much, Grace! If you try any recipes, let me know what you think =]

  2. Hey there Olivia! You started following my blog so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi!” I’ve never heard of Kimberly Snyder, but you’ve got me intrigued. I’m gonna check out her book. Anyway, lovely blog you’ve got here. I’m happy to e-meet you and I look forward to more of your posts. Celeste 🙂

    1. olg716 says:

      Hi, Celeste! I think you will enjoy Kimberly’s books (she has 2). Of all health theories out there, hers simply makes sense! …Thank you so much for the compliment! I really appreciate it. If you try any recipes in the future, please let me know what you think. -Olivia 🙂

  3. April Murray says:

    Olivia your blog looks fantastic! I look forward to following you and trying out your recipes.

    1. olg716 says:

      Thank you, April! How very kind of you 🙂

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