About Olive for Greens.

olive branch and a spoon full of oil

What’s in a name?

Olive for Greens! It’s cute right?! I was sitting with my beloved cousin trying to come up with a name that made perfect sense. My name, Olivia, means Olive Tree. So I thought, maybe something with “Olive” would make sense- like a piece of me in the blog name. Saying Olive out loud sounds like “I love” or “I live”. Suddenly my cousin screamed, “Olive for Greens!” Pretty clever, eh?

What & When to expect the expected

Expect new blogs at least twice a month. Each post will feature either a mini article and/or a recipe.  All of the meals will be vegetarian.  All recipes will be healthy & gluten-free unless noted otherwise. And of course, there will lots of greens! Tasty greens, I promise. I challenge anyone who says vegetarian food is nasty or bland. If you feel that way, you are probably thinking about a plain salad dredged in salad dressing. Or sautéed (or raw vegetables) with salt and pepper. It is so much more than that!

Who will benefit most?

Seriously, everyone! Anyone who wants to be healthier. Anyone who is considering vegetarianism. Any vegetarian who is a junketarian. Vegans (as most are vegan or vegan option recipes). Any one who eats healthy all of the time and needs ideas. Anyone who wants to go meatless for one day a week!

Comments & Questions

Please comment or ask any questions you have!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jamillah says:

    OMG!!!!! Olivia, you’ve done an amazing job with transforming your outlook on life. Is there a way to pay you to become some sort of life coach for both my daughter and I?

  2. olg716 says:

    Thank you, Jamillah! I would love to help you! I have been thinking lately, “What can I do to help people” but haven’t thought of a concrete plan yet. Contact me. We should talk!

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