AFTER the Raw Vegan Challenge…15 Pounds in 40 days


Brief Summary of my thoughts on the Raw Vegan Diet


Overall, I left amazing. 1.) I felt lighter and more energetic. Some days, while talking, I realized how fast I was talking. It was strange. Apart from that, 2.) my digestion was great. 3.) I was drinking at minimum 2 liters of water a day (on average 3); so that on top of drinking smoothies had me in the bathroom more than I wanted to be. Note: I drank as much water as I could before but buying a 1-liter bottle helped! 4.) I noticed that about 2 weeks into raw vegan, I got fuller faster, which was a plus because my goal was weight loss. 5.) I even slept better at night (when I didn’t have a headache).


Side note before I get into the headaches I experienced on this Raw Vegan Food Diet, I should mention: When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with migraines. But my ADDICTION TO COFFEE (click here to read about my coffee addiction) began as a very young adult. 1.) I wanted to be as healthy as possible through this journey and that meant limiting coffee. Weaning off of coffee sparked a few headaches. Some of the headaches could have been triggered because I was not eating carbs. Honestly, I have no idea! 2.) At the gym, there were days I felt more fatigued. Not every time but most times. Again, it could have been part of the caffeine detox. 3.) I couldn’t tell if I was satisfied after eating. I definitely enjoyed my food! However while eating, or after eating, I would feel full yet I would feel like I wanted to eat more.

AFTER the Raw Vegan Challenge

“Will power & Discipline…”

I lost 15 pounds in 40 days, naturally! 14 days into the raw eating, I announced that I was going to complete a raw vegan challenge on my Instagram page. As I noted before, I knew I wanted to do at least 30 days. I ended up completing 40 days! I did the challenge on my own, with no specific guide out there on how to do it. I didn’t even have a “diet buddy” to do this with. I just watched a ton of videos read a ton of articles and brushed up on the Beauty detox solution book! Will power & discipline were key. I did have a good support system. A few people in my circle were even willing to try my meals (click to see what I ate during week 1, week 2, week 3 & week 4 meals). Some friends even asked me to help them go raw vegan too.

“I could never give up bread”


I thought I was going to fail. I thought after a few days of being raw vegan I was going to crave bread and quit. Why? Because I was the person that said “I could never give up bread” and “I can’t give up beans”. Here’s the thing! I gave up meat and changed my diet completely in 2013. I, honestly, thought I was going to fail and thought I would eat meat once I went to family gathering or attended my first summer BBQ as a vegetarian. But I overcame it! I overcame my pessimistic state of mind by reminding myself that yes, I CAN do this!

Before I decided to go raw, I knew I was gaining weight and eating way too much pasta, rice and potatoes. My portions were too big. Whenever I tried to eat smaller portions, I would just snack a little bit more because I wasn’t satisfied. I knew I needed to cleanse and I knew I could do it.

I was not 100% Raw. Maybe like 98% raw. Why? Because I added coconut milk to the coffee each morning and used tamari and mustard in a just a few of my recipes throughout my raw journey. Also, I had tahini, which I am not sure if that is raw. So if you know, let me know! (Click here to get details on my Daily Routine & How I got Started)

“Create even better habits”

Why I’m not remaining Raw Vegan…

As I stated before, I am not treating this as a “fad” diet. As a vegetarian, with a mostly vegan diet, I do eat a copious amount of fruits and vegetables. I believe that eating whole grains (brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, etc.), tempeh, lentils and cooked veggies are good for you and provide adequate nutrition. Plus I love, love, love to cook!

My goal in eating a strict raw plant based diet was to help my body create even better habits for my lifestyle. And I think it worked! I actually crave raw fruits and veggies. I feel so good when I eat raw. I believe in listening to your body.

What it means to listen to your body (food)

If you are in tune with yourself then you know yourself. Listening to your body means: If you are full, stop eating even though there is food left on your plate. If you are craving something, have it (& if you know it’s unhealthy, in moderation!). If you are hungry, eat. If you are not hungry, don’t eat just because you are bored or someone is eating beside you. Simple.

Physical Results

Again, please forgive the picture quality below (as you can see I use my cell phone) & pardon my appearance (lol). If I thought I was going to post these, I would have made sure things were a bit in order. Initially, I took the pics for myself for my own benefit- just to see if I noticed a change. When I showed a few people, that I am close to, they thought I should post them for inspiration or proof or whatever. I am all about inspiration. So here you go.

The purpose of this is not to persuade you go to raw vegan. Rather, it is to share with you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You are you own worst enemy. It’s all in your mind. Get your mind right and your health right and love yourself enough to change for the better.

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