Raw Vegan Challenge Week 4_Days 22 to 28


As usual, I’d start the week by cleaning out my refrigerator and getting rid of anything that had gone bad or added leftovers to smaller containers. Next, I would write down the items I didn’t have to create my full grocery list of items I’d need for the week. So for example, if I still had garlic or walnuts left from the batch I previously purchased, I wouldn’t buy that again.


Again, each week varied, depending on how much fruit I craved or nuts I needed or how many people I also made raw meals for. I’d spend between $40 – $100 (though spending $100.00 per week is rare). Again, it varies week to week (like any typical shopping list).

Note: I spent less than Week One because I had a lot but was running low. I probably spent about $40-$60 on Week 4 (I ate more fruit this week).

How I felt & Cravings

This week I started craving bread. I did not give in! I fought the urges.

I felt lighter, physically. I had even better digestion than before. My energy continued to increase during the daytime hours and made me want to go to bed earlier (Like week 1 and 2). Still reducing my caffeine in-take (Click here for my coffee addiction details) but my headache were not too bad.

Week 4 Exercise & Weight

Exercise: 2 out of 7 days

  • Strength training

End of Week 4 Weight Loss: 11 pounds total (from day 1)

End of Week 4 inches Lost: 2 inches off my waist

End of Week 4 Clothes: My old cloth fit and most are big!

Days 22 to 28 MEALS

I track my food daily on Instagram (click here to follow me!). All of the pictures below are from my Instagram page. So the photo quality may be different than my other pictures. Recipes coming soon for some of these! Let me know if have a request!

NOTE: Sometimes I ate Protein Bites or fruit I made as a quick snack between meals or if I wasn’t home and was hungry, I’d snack on raw nuts I kept in my purse!

TIP: The BEST fast food is fruit! Grab & go!

Day 22

  1. Breakfast: Raw Cacao Protein Shake
  2. Lunch: ½ Cantaloupe
  3. Dinner: BroccoliCauliflower Salad

Day 23

  1. Breakfast: Spirulina &Cacao Nib Nice Cream
  2. Lunch: Cucumber &Kimchi Salad
  3. Dinner: Kale and Pumpkin Seed Salad

Day 24

  1. Breakfast: Green-Beet Smoothie
  2. Lunch: Carrot, Sweet Potato &Parsnip Salad
  3. Dinner: Raw Toona Salad Wrap

Day 25

  1. Breakfast: Green Smoothie
  2. Lunch: Raw Buckwheat Groats
  3. Dinner: Salad

Day 26

  1. Breakfast: Green Smoothie
  2. Lunch: Salad (no pictured) & Stuffed Pablano Peppers
  3. Dinner: Raw Buckwheat Groats

Day 27

  1. Breakfast: Green Smoothie
  2. Lunch: Kale & Sprout Salad w/ Tomato Basil Dressing
  3. Dinner: A chopped Mexican Salad, Guacamole & Veggie Crudité
  4. Snack: Raw Cacao Nice Cream

Day 28

  1. Breakfast: Green Smoothie
  2. Lunch: Broccoli Salad w/ Tomato Basil Dressing
  3. Dinner: Raw “Spaghetti Bolognese” (Zoodles w/Walnut “meat”)

Final thoughts on the Raw Vegan Diet HERE!

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