The Comfort Zone Kibosh

comfort zoneWhy are people afraid of change? I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “I don’t want to try that. I don’t like it.” How do you know you don’t like it? Because you tried it 10 years ago or never! It’s time to break free and become a new you. No, not because it’s a new year. Because we are humans and we are always improving and become better with age and time. Why not start now. Today. Yesterday!

Foreign Food

The only Asian cuisine I had, until the age of 18, was Chinese. I don’t mean authentic Chinese food either. If anyone is from Philadelphia, New York or any of the neighboring cities, you know exactly what I am talking about. Later, when I had authentic Chinese cuisine, I was amazed by that taste and difference. It made me want to go further exploring- so I tried Japanese then Thai. The flavors were fantastic. Each different in their own way. Like nothing I’ve ever had before. I had no idea what it tasted like or if I was going to like it. But I tried it, and I’m glad!

 I didn’t have Indian cuisine until I was an adult. That also goes for Greek and authentic Italian. My idea of Italian food was goulash, spaghetti and meatball or lasagna. Not that it wasn’t tasty but using real Italian herbs, such as rosemary and basil, were alien to me.

Kale, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Eggplant

All of the above listed vegetables were unheard of to me before. I’ve never had them on their own and, seriously, I don’t have a memory of eating them as a child. I thought kale, cauliflower, mushrooms and eggplant would all be gross. Perhaps, at some point, I did have these and didn’t like it and perhaps that is why I thought I didn’t like them. In fact, I hadn’t heard of Kale until 2012! I’ve been missing out and had no idea. All of these foods are 9 times out of 10 available in my refrigerator now and are of deliciously versatile. It’s incredible when I think about it.

All I am saying is give it a try, just once more or for the first time. The food you say or think you don’t like may just be your favorite food. And if the food is good for you, that’s double delight!

Try this non-traditional sweet potato recipe!

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