Are you nuts?!

NUTSI love (most) nut butters! Who is the genius that decided to ground up nuts into creamy goodness? That would be C.H. Sumner introduced peanut butter to the world at the Universal Exposition in St. Louis! I wish I had a time machine to shake that hand. Growing up PB&J (peanut butter and jelly) was my favorite sandwich. Oh the excitement and joy on my face when I saw my mom had brought Smuckers Goober Striped Peanut butter and Jelly. There was nothing more satisfying than having that sandwich any time of day- before or after school. The best thing was, I didn’t need help making the sandwich. I would just grab the bread, PBJ and a butter knife (the most kid friendly knife in the kitchen, right?!).

Hydrogenated Oils

When I began my healthy journey peanut and apples were a daily snack. I thought I knew all there was to know about healthy. And then I found about hydrogenated oils. That’s the day I found out it was in peanut butter. Hydrogenated oils are saturated fats that make you, well, fat. I was completely devastated it was swimming in my peanut butter. Then I discovered natural peanut butter and organic peanut butter. In natural and organic peanut butter hydrogenated oils do not have a home. Even big name brands like Jiff have taken on Natural peanut butter. Some of the healthier brand names are only popular among healthy nut lovers- not mainstream media. Learn them. Love them. Remember them.

 Almond Butter & Beyond

If you haven’t noticed, I am a late bloomer. So when I tell you I discovered and tried almond butter in 2013, don’t judge me! I purchased a sugar-free version first. It didn’t taste bad just not as sweet and delicious as peanut butter. Then I purchased almond butter with sugar and was completely smitten. I prefer it over peanut butter now. Plus, it’s better for you. All I have to say is Hello, AB&J sandwiches!

There are so many nut butter out there like Sun Butter (sunflower seed butter) and Tahini (ground sesame seeds). Although Tahini is technically made from a seed (sesame seed) I’ll still include this in the nut butter category. If society can call quinoa a grain and get away with, I’ll press my luck too. (Random fact: Quinoa is technically a seed not a grain).

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